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Hello, old friends and new friends of SneakerClub.Do you want to participate in our Sneaker online sales and earn income from it?Now, SneakerClub will not only be a place for you to buy shoes, but also provide you with an opportunity to earn income.We hope that you are not only our customers, but also our friends and partners, and can make money from our sneaker online business.We are been keen to share our passion for sneakers to everyone around the globe.


We Believe That Premium Sneakers Shouldn’t Be Reserved for the Privileged Few!So we have long been committed to bringing high-quality Sneaker to our customers at attractive prices.At SneakerClub, the highest quality shoes and the trust of customers are always the first. Almost all customers will be surprised by the quality of our shoes and be satisfied with our service.


We think we recommend a best online Sneaker website for your friends,let you friends can find the best deals on sneaker is a meaningful thing.And this behavior not only helped your friends,allows him to get amazing discounts,but also earn your own income.It’s great, isn’t it?


How does it work, exactly? Just create a SneakerClub account and get your personalized link. When your friends make a purchase using your personalized link, he will get a 20% discount on the first order, and you will get 10% commission base on product price that he purchase.Sounds very exciting! You will easily earn about $10-30 in one referral!!!


You only need a few simple steps to start your earning career in SneakerClub.


First, you need to create your SneakerClub account and then apply to become an Affiliate. To track your refer and see how much money you’ve earned so far.You don’t even need to buy our products. Of course, you are welcome to buy them on our website if you need one.


Second,You will get your own Affiliate link after you become an Affiliate.


Third,You just generate links and copy your link and send it to a friend who you think is in need.You can post your link on your personal blog, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok and other social media platforms you are willing to post.We feel that add your recommendation reason is easier to make your friends interested and thus bring you more income.


At the same time, you can also introduce our website to friends you think are in need through chat software, such as Whatsapp, snapchat, skype or Email, don’t forget to attach your personalized link.

Finally, when your friend purchases our shoes through your link, and the order status is complete, You can get a 10% commission based on the price of the shoes your friend purchase.(Example: If your friend buy a pair of shoes and the actual order price is US$100, then you will get a commission reward of 10% × US$100 = US$10).You will be able to check in your personal account and instantly withdraw your income. If you need to withdraw, just contact us online customer service and provide your receiving account.


If you’re looking for stylish kicks at affordable prices, I believe SneakerClub will be your best choice.Anybody can participate in the SneakerClub referral program, whether you have previously made a purchase with our or not.

Step Introduction

SneakerClub referral program FAQ

How to apply to become an Affiliate of SneakerClub?

Becoming an Affiliate of SneakerClub is very simple. First, you need to click “My Account”. You will find “Affiliate” on this page. After clicking it, you will find the “Become an Affiliate” button. Just click the button. All approvals are done automatically.

Where can I find my referral link?

After you become an Affiliate, at the page “My Account-Affiliate” page, you can find “Affiliate tools”, click on it to generate your own personalized link, once the link is generated, you can copy it.

Where can I promote my refer link?

We welcome you to share your link anywhere on the Internet, such as forums, social media, chat software, etc.

Is this program valid worldwide?

Yes, we currently hope that more people from all over the world can participate.

What if I have a question about Affiliate?

If you have any questions about SneakerClub Affiliate, please contact us through the online customer service of our website, we will answer you as soon as we see your information.

When can I get commission and withdraw cash?

Once the shoes purchased by your referrer are successfully signed and the order status is complete, you will get commissions and withdraw cash.

How do I withdraw my commission?

When you need to withdraw your commission, you only need to contact our online customer service staff and provide your account information for us to check and provide your paypal account. Currently we only support paying commissions for you through Paypal.

What circumstances will my commission be cancelled?

If we find that you have maliciously obtained commissions in an illegal manner, we will cancel your qualifications. When your referrer refunds your commission, your commission will also be cancelled.